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Tis the Season with the WrapMaster! We have our favorite Products and Gift Packages on Sale just-in-time for the Holiday Season. Get free items with purchase and free shipping with some orders. Don't wait! This sale ends December 25th!
Wrapping gifts used to be frustrating and time consuming, It drove me crazy - especially at Christmas- sitting on the living room floor until the wee hours cutting the giftwrap with scissors. It was both slow and wasteful. That all changed when I developed the WrapMaster!
The success of our WrapMaster Gift Wrap Cutter led us to develop and find other tools that make the giftwrapping process easier and faster. It grew into a collection that became WrapMaster Giftwrapping tools. It may interest you to know that these are by far the most effective tools for the task and none of them has a moving part!