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Crafter's Paper Cutter 15"

A lady who loved her WrapMaster came by my booth at a show and asked, "Can you cut one of those in half" ? "Why would I want to", I asked. "Because it would work great for scrapbooking and crafts" she said. "What", I asked, "is scrapbooking". Well she explained what she wanted and I made it. It became, The Crafter's Paper Cutter. She wanted it 15 inches long with a straight edge along one side and a scalloped edge on the other. She got it and loves it! Happy WrapMaster owners have suggested two of our top selling tools!


Item Code: CPC-15

You can save money when you buy multiple units. The cost of packaging and first item shipping is where the greatest cost is. Since we can put more that one unit into our shipping tubes and containers we can ship additional units at a greatly reduced cost. When we add an item to the tube or package, we only charge for additional weight. The savings are passed on to you! This makes it easier to buy more units to give as gifts. And as you may see by our testimonials, People LOVE their WrapMaster products!