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When you get the paper Right ...... The rest is EASY!

The WrapMaster quick and easy "Grip and Rip", "Let's just get it done" method for getting the paper ready to wrap!


Nana demonstrates how the WrapMaster makes the process easier and faster and with less waste of time and paper!

Use The WrapMaster on any surface even Carpet!

WrapMaster cuts giftwrap perfectly on any surface. Table, countertop, hard floor, carpet, and even on the bed ....... Or no surface at all!

You can't do that with scissors!

The products

The WrapMaster


 The Signature Product, over one million sold, no returns requested, Why?  Because it really does speed up the process and makes it easy too! Check out the testimonials!!

The Hands Free Tape Dispenser


Fits on the meaty part of your hand,  Frees your fingers to tuck and fold the paper, ..(or play the piano if you could) and the tape is always right where you need it. Handy to take a little piece or a longer one if you choose!

Q-Pon Cutter


"You've got to know people cut a lot more paper than gift wrap. Why don't you make a little one? She was right, and we named it  the Q-Pon Cutter . Thought it was cute . And it was productive for just that and more!

The Crafter's Tool


 So , seeing how well the WrapMaster Giftwrap Tool worked she asked, "Could you cut it half" I said, "Why would I." She said,  "because there are tens of thousands of people doing scrap booking who could use one about that size. She was right!

The Giftwrap Tool Set


Our Best selling set saves you money and lots of time... come Christmas , graduation, birthdays and all the occasions when you're giving gifts.

Purely Paper Cutting Set


 If  you're simply cutting gift wrap, doing crafts, or cutting coupons and other paper goods. The Purely Paper Cutting set will add to the ease of gift wrapping. Just one part of the  gift wrapping tools we have  The tools will thrill you!  Just set them on the paper, push down to make sure the paper doesn't move, then grip it and rip it.  Always straight , always fast. This is just one of your best Christmas gift ideas

There are great savings when you buy multiple units for friends and family

About our Products

They all do what we say they will

No moving parts means simplicity. All that's required for the cutting tools  is downward pressure to make sure the paper doesn't move, the ability to pinch the paper ..and the minimal strength to pull it across the edge. The result?  a straight edge cut ever time

They are safe to use !

The edges are designed to "break" the paper along the edge, (see below). They cut the paper but won't cut you! You can turn your grand kids loose with these and all you'll have is loads of fun and a bunch of paper strips and scraps.

When we say "Hands Free"

Like on the Hands Free Tape Dispenser, We mean, you can use your fingers as you would if you weren't wearing it. Tuck, fold, and secure the paper, and the tape is always right there precisely where you need it. It's amazing to not have to look for the tape every time you need it.

The only thing we don't guarantee for life.....

is the tape dispenser. Too many teeth and too many hand sizes to accommodate  forever. But you will get a lot of convenience and value from it for sure.

Will the cutters need sharpening?

Absolutely not, as we mentioned above , what is happening when you draw the paper across the edge of our cutters is that the paper ( brittle at the molecular level) is actually breaking over the edge. 

All our products are made in America!

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