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Our Hands Free Tape Dispenser Saves a lot of time

The Hands Free Tape Dispenser fits on the meaty part of your hand and puts the tape right where you need it - when you need it!  

HFTD - $6.00

The Q-Pon Cutter is so much faster and accurate than scissors

 A straight paper cutting edge makes cutting Coupons fast and easy. My wife has them in three rooms and the car! 


The Crafter's Tool Has two cutting edges. One straight and the other scalloped

The Crafter's Tool is a smaller , some say handier version of the WrapMaster, Used for crafts , card making,  photo, art,  picture  borders, and more.

CFT - $10.00

Our most popular Set

The tj

The three piece set is our best selling set and priced at 

$21.00  saves you $5.00

The Purely Paper Cutting set

The Purely Paper Cutting Set is just that, it's a bargain at $31.00 and, we're throwing in a free Ha

All three items are purely for cutting paper of all sizes and  with the scalloped edge on the Crafter's Tool, it offers even more ability to dress upyour edges. $31.00  /with an HFTD as a bonus

Using the HFTD

See how it fits over the meaty part of the hand with the fingers free to do the tucking, folding, and taping. Handy , handy , handy